Dedicated to goodness

Winery or luxury hotel? Both!
The Spitalerhof is a winery. Where the emphasis is on top quality. Not by coincidence, but by tradition and conviction. We are dedicated to excellence. Wine from our ancient grape varieties. Schnapps distilled right here using our own ingredients. And, of course, the traditional South Tyrolean dishes that always reflect a little of the wider world too. Luxury that takes the most direct route it can: from the field to the pan, from the garden to the plate, from the vine to the glass. All this makes the Spitalerhof in Klausen a favourite haunt of wine lovers and dinner table philosophers. For like-minded people.

However, the Spitalerhof is also a 3 stars superior hotel with all the frills. Situated where the world of the Dolomites rubs shoulders with vineyards, where the down-to-earth meets the sophisticated. At the heart of the wine-growing area of the Eisack valley, just a few rows of vines away from the little artists’ town of Klausen. The place to be for connoisseurs, hobby winemakers, bikers and South Tyrol lovers. For those looking for something special. Holiday memories with a similar long-lasting aftertaste to our fine wines. We look forward to your visit!

The Oberpertinger family
Time and devotion help our wines to mature.
For us it’s about people and encounters.

Our special offer of the month

Romantic getaway at the Spitalerhof

Good roots

Our values
We think that a holiday should be as multifaceted and full-bodied as a fine wine. An experience that nourishes one long afterwards. With memories and stories that are enjoyable to tell at home time and time again. So long and so often that really everyone knows them. That’s why we invite our guests to take part. To get involved. To feel for themselves what sets us apart: the trust in our own and a love of what surrounds us. The Dolomites in the nearby Villnöss valley. The nature of South Tyrol, here in the Eisack valley, between Brixen and Bolzano. Our vine terraces, fields and orchards. Knowledge that has ripened with time and experience. Ancient traditions that are carried on in our everyday activities. Much of what we do is still genuine manual work and craftsmanship.

Nicely matured

People with character
Anyone who knows us knows that we are always up for the good things in life. That we are doers and makers. The type that are happy to get their hands dirty and never count the hours in the day. Anyone who knows us also knows that we are keen for new ideas. No matter how crazy they might at first seem. Perhaps they are also what make the Spitalerhof special. Especially close to nature. Especially close to what defines us as hosts and people.

Have you ever spent a night in a wine barrel?

Sweet dreams in our barrel
Our winery represents unforgettable and special holiday moments. And the best place to collect them is to spend a night in our wine barrel. Wood-panelled walls, a cosy bed, and a fantastically equipped bathroom await our guests in this unique double room. The private terrace with a jacuzzi completes the holiday experience.
Real doers.
Uncomplicated, brave.
And perhaps a bit crazy too.

Nicely blended

Tradition & vision
2021 - a special year for the Spitalerhof!
After the renovation works, our winery and luxury hotel are once more revealing their old winemaking soul: full-bodied, characterful and multifaceted. Or, to use the words of a winemaker: a successful blend of old and new. Of tradition and vision. With an earthy note reminiscent of South Tyrolean pragmatism and fine aromas of the wider world. A little bit of luxury. Yesterday and today, rustic details and modern design. If it were up to us, a holiday would be a holistic experience - preferably a mixture of indulgence, taking part, camaraderie and nature.