The Oberpertinger family

Head of the establishment, creative mind and jack of all trades. A passionate farmer and wine maker, a chef with high aims and a fine palate, an epicurean and man of action. His personal favourite wine is the Grüner Veltliner “Muga”.
Proprietress with Bavarian roots and a knack for elegant food presentation. A career changer, enthusiastic chef and proud founder of her own ice cream making business. Her favourite Spitalerhof drink: “Waschtl” gin.
The boss’s sister, former Toerggelen queen, pine-cone pillow producer and first point of contact at Reception. Inexhaustible source of insider tips with a love of France. Her favourite food: roast South Tyrolean chestnuts.
Senior proprietress and the heart and soul of the establishment. A passionate hostess, mountain climber and authority on the Dolomites. Always available for a chat, an exclusive hiking tip and a glass of wine. Her favourite wine: the house’s own Sauvignon.
Seniorchefin Isabella im Service im Hotel Spitalerhof in Klausen
Senior proprietor with green fingers and a quiet soul who expresses his creativity through the garden. Keeper of the Seppl See pool, early riser, babysitter for the grandkids and Marley, and professional breakfast egg man. His favourite food: home-made sausage with sauerkraut.
The next generation at the Spitalerhof. Leonie attends the hotel management school and enjoys helping in the family business at least as much as her little brother Felix, who is known as “Bomber” on the football field.
Leoni & Felix
The real boss of the Spitalerhof. Responsible for noisily welcoming guests and secret limelight-hogger. A fan of people and a sceptic around other dogs, with a penchant for night-time cat chasing. His favourite food: treats.