Our Wellness Oasis

Sauna & Relaxation at the Vineyard
What the distillery is to the master distiller, the sauna is to the holidaymaker. Of course the distilled beverage makes quite a difference - but sometimes the heat is the same. And there’s also a certain relaxation factor in both the distillery and the sauna. And so our small, nude wellness area with stone pine sauna, finnish sauna, cold pot and quiet room is not a complete reinvention at the Spitalerhof...
(no access for children under the age of 14).

Our natural swimming pool

Seppl See
Why is our natural swimming pool named after Grandfather Sepp? The story goes back a while now. To 1968, to be precise. To a time when German holidaymakers in particular were being drawn further south - to Lake Garda! A few guests also probably curtailed their stay at the Spitalerhof for a trip to the lake. To cheer up our grandfather, who was concerned by this new trend, a loyal regular guest suggested, “Sepp, why not build your own lake - then we won’t need to drive on!” No sooner said than done! In those days not every hotel in the Eisack valley had an open-air swimming pool - and our grandfather was appropriately proud of this fantastic achievement.
Did you know?
Today our “Seppl See” is a natural swimming pool, which, thanks to a well thought-out, natural water filtration system runs entirely without chlorine or other chemical additives. Sepp would love it!

Perspiration at the Spitalerhof

Off to the sauna!
The highlight in our small wellness area is, without question, the organic stone pine sauna! At a mild 60 ºC and with high humidity, a sauna here is especially good for the circulation. The special, beneficial effect of the local wood has long been scientifically proven: the scent of stone pine relaxes, stabilises the cardiovascular system and helps with colds or sensitivity to the weather. That’s why a trip to our stone pine sauna is always a great idea – and not just after visiting the wine cellar! Or would you prefer it hotter still? Then why not head for our Finnish sauna (around 100 C)? The most super-heated sauna-goers can then cool down in the outdoor cold pot with ice-cold mountain spring water – a sparkling experience for all of the senses and the ultimate energiser at the Spitalerhof. Afterwards you can relax in the delightfully bubbly, heated jacuzzi.

Total relaxation

The Sauna Chillout Zone
After a visit to the sauna you can relax in fine style and in an enjoyable atmosphere surrounded by local materials and gentle colours. Fragrant natural wood, stone, high quality fabrics and floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows offering views of the natural surroundings mean you’ll have plenty of opportunity for wellbeing and relaxation after an eventful day in the South Tyrolean Dolomites.
Our tip: snuggle up and make yourself at home – with a good book or a cup of tea. Take in the views and let your thoughts wander, simply breathe in and out.

Did you know?

With the Guest Pass, our guests can enjoy yet more wellness and water fun – at the swimming and sauna paradise of Acquarena Brixen (15 minutes away by car): free admission to the pool area from Monday to Friday for 3 hours each day and discounted entry to the sauna facilities.