Eating and drinking well

A great gut feeling
What is it that makes the Spitalerhof a luxury hotel? A gut decision. For goodness, for quality, for our own. Perhaps though, too, it is the passion that can be tasted in everything that fills our plates, bowls and glasses. And the craftsmanship, the time. Many of the seasonal products that we use in our kitchen, in the wine cellar, in the distillery or the ice cream factory come from our own terraces, orchards, gardens and fields. The wine, the fruit, the brandies - and even the eggs. Everything delivered from within a stone’s throw. And when we don’t have a product growing here, then our friends help us.
Aperitif mit Hugo und Veneziano im Weingut und Genusshotel Spitalerhof in Klausen

Did you know?

At the Spitalerhof we don't just serve food to hotel and winery guests! Breakfast or brunch, coffee and cake on an afternoon or an aperitivo with friends? You’re always welcome! And on an evening our Restaurant Muga serves seasonal South Tyrolean dishes accompanied by just the right wines.
"It simply feels good to know where our ingredients come from."

Breakfast or half board?

Wine connoisseurs together
It goes without saying that the food has to be just right in a luxury hotel. Our hotel guests are spoilt for choice: limit themselves to the winemaker’s breakfast or enjoy the full wine-taster’s programme after all? It’s purely a gut decision! For breakfast there are home-grown and selected regional products - fresh eggs from our Goggo Lodge, home-made jams and fruit spreads, oven-fresh bread and, of course, the popular classics: assorted mueslis, South Tyrolean yoghurt, pasture milk and the finest butter, local cheese varieties and meat specialities. And on an evening? Treats galore! This is when we serve our interpretation of the good life over four courses as part of our half board offering. Always right for the season - and naturally always with freshly harvested ingredients from our garden and fields playing the leading role.

Bar & terrace

Dolce vita in the winery
There’s no doubt about it: our bar and terrace are the very heart of the enjoyment, great discussions and sociable moments at the Spitalerhof. Here, between palms and mountains, between shady pergolas, springs and the fire pit is where the good life plays out. This is where young and old, visitors and the natives all meet. It is the favourite place for a coffee and a chat, tucking away a huge ice cream or for a natter over a glass of wine. For high-spirited parties, barbecue nights or an aperitivo lungo...
frische Eier aus der Goggo Lodge im Weingut und Genusshotel Spitalerhof in Klausen

Our mobile chicken coop

Goggo Lodge
Berta the chicken and her colleagues are, without question, the divas of the Spitalerhof team. With our mobile chicken coop - Goggo Lodge - the ladies are more or less on permanent holiday and are continually chauffeured to the greenest spots where, clucking and pecking, they jauntily spend their days. Glamping is probably the most suitable way of describing this way of dolce vita! But what wouldn’t we do to make our employees happy?

Did you know?
The eggs from our glamping chickens are available to buy from our wine shop. Only, of course, as long as stocks last!

The egg man

The egg man is part of the morning at the Spitalerhof much as the cockerel’s cry is elsewhere. There's no winemaker’s breakfast without fresh eggs - that much is clear. The special thing about this though, is that the hotel’s own breakfast eggs are traditionally prepared by our senior proprietor, Günther, and then delivered to the table in person accompanied by the ringing of a bell! By this point, even the biggest morning grump is feeling bright as a button! Klingelingeling, here comes the egg man...

Claudia’s ice cream factory

Hot for ice cream
Ice cold, creamy, sweet and... what else? When ice cream tastes of rosemary, Swiss stone pine, elderflower or South Tyrolean chestnut and makes your taste buds do a little dance, then it probably comes straight from Claudia’s ice cream factory. Whilst Muga - otherwise known as Michael - expresses his culinary creativity with the pots and pans in the kitchen, Claudia dedicates herself to her ice-cold creations - depending on the season, the ice cream sundaes have resonant names such as “strawberry meets elderflower”. Every spoonful is an experience in its own right!

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