Perfect holidays

Totally mad about wine!
Full-bodied, like a fine wine. And with a long-lasting finish. This is the feeling you get from a holiday in South Tyrol at the Spitalerhof Winery and Luxury Hotel in Klausen. Why? Quite simply because memories are made here. Of, for example, really great food. Or of taking part in the grape harvest. Of a high-proof day in the show distillery. A mountain tour right through the Villnöss Dolomites with senior proprietors, Isabella and Günther. Of a night in a wine barrel or inspiring chats about wine with Michael. At the Spitalerhof, experiences are all part of the service. As is the easy-going naturalness with which both doors and arms are open here.

Did you know?

We are part of the Vinum Hotels South Tyrol group – a friendly association of like-minded hoteliers: small hotels with grand visions, personally managed by passionate wine connoisseurs who are only too happy to share their knowledge of fine wines. Our shared philosophy is that the winery experience is at least as much part of the great atmosphere as a well-stocked cellar. Perfect for us!

Holiday stories...

Our barrel lodges

A night in a wine barrel
The whispers doing the rounds in the narrow streets of Klausen’s old town are not just rumours: our guests really do get to spend the night in a wine barrel! Only, of course, if they choose to. Whether or not the new barrel suites are the result of especially merry evenings spent drinking wine will remain a winemaker’s secret - but this much is certain: it isn’t just wine-lovers that find themselves feeling right at home in these fine barrels. Our latest additions boast direct views of the vines, a stone pine terrace, private outdoor jacuzzi and well-stocked wine safe.
Did you know?
Our extra-special taster offer for the new barrel lodges will be valid throughout 2021. With amazing additional packages for unforgettable wine barrel moments... not to be missed!

Our natural swimming pool

Seppl See
Why is our natural swimming pool named after Grandfather Sepp? The story goes back a while now. To 1968, to be precise. To a time when German holidaymakers in particular were being drawn further south - to Lake Garda! A few guests also probably curtailed their stay at the Spitalerhof for a trip to the lake. To cheer up our grandfather, who was concerned by this new trend, a loyal regular guest suggested, “Sepp, why not build your own lake - then we won’t need to drive on!” No sooner said than done! In those days not every hotel in the Eisack valley had an open-air swimming pool - and our grandfather was appropriately proud of this fantastic achievement.

Did you know?
Today our “Seppl See” is a natural swimming pool, which, thanks to a well thought-out, natural water filtration system runs entirely without chlorine or other chemical additives. Sepp would love it!

Sauna & Relaxation

our small wellness area
What the distillery is to the master distiller, the sauna is to the holidaymaker. Of course the distilled beverage makes quite a difference - but sometimes the heat is the same. And there’s also a certain relaxation factor in both the distillery and the sauna. And so our new, small wellness area with stone pine sauna, finnish sauna, cold pot and quiet room is not a complete reinvention at the Spitalerhof...

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