Our wines

The Spitalerhof wine basics
Our vineyard and wine cellar are the domain and workplaces of our winemaker, Michael. And there is plenty to do before our wine makes it to the bottle! Every grape variety wants to be planted in its favourite place in our 1.8 hectare vineyard and then needs lots of love and attention before it really produces sweet grapes. Our - in some cases - ancient vine varieties - including the Sylvaner variety, “Sepps alte Rebe” (Sepp’s ancient vine), which were planted by our grandfather - are just as much a part of the history and identity of our winery as our own wines, which ultimately are obtained from them.

Our own wines


Sylvaner “Sepps alte Rebe”

Aromatic, fruitily fresh white wine with hints of peach, apple and apricots.

Our own wines



Light, red wine, low in tannins, pleasantly mild and fruity. Harmonious, with fine aromas of almonds.

Pinot noir

Powerful red wine with an intense fragrance of red and dark berries, spices and violets.


Powerful red wine with aromas of fruits of the forest, cherries and violets. A velvety fullness and soft acidity on the palate.

Did you know?

Wine lovers and other interested parties are welcome to taste our home grown wines in the wine shop and also take the odd bottle or two home with them. And when your stocks run short and the longing for the Spitalerhof grows, then our treasures from the cellar can also be conveniently ordered from our online shop.

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